We are offering the following social groups at this time:

  • Mini-Flex (4-6 years) – teaching preschoolers how to be flexible social thinkers and problem solvers
  • Boys/Girls SuperFlex(6-9 years) – further development of social thinking and problem solving and learning the rules of conversation
  • Boys-Girls Tween SuperFlex (9-12 years) – learning social perspective taking i.e. thinking about you, thinking about me
  • Teen Boys/Girls Social Group (13-16 years) – conversation skill development, current teen issues, expected/unexpected behaviors, hidden social rules to ‘fit in’

This is an ideal opportunity for your child to have fun and further develop his/her communication skills in a small group class.

To enquire about availability of groups, please contact us by completing the ‘contact information form’ on the Contact Us page.