My son has been receiving private speech therapy for a few months and he has made so much progress. The SLP is fantastic! She is wonderful with young children, she is kind and fun, and she teaches the parents how to practice with their child at home. I am very impressed with SSS.
Claudine Zerbinos

Had a great first appointment. Very nice and very helpful people! 🙂
Rachel Laboucane

My 2 1/2 yr old son has been receiving speech therapy for 6 weeks now, and we’ve seen a huge improvement. From only having a very small one word vocabulary, he has learnt many new words and is now signing with his hands. He has been shown how to properly play with toys and show when he is done and clean up. Before he had no eye contact, but a few weeks into therapy, he wanted to give our therapist a kiss. Huge change in his behavior, speech and social skills. Awesome facility.
Michelle Dolmans