Petulla, M.Sc., RSLP


Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant 

Allyssa is a Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant. Allyssa is a fifth-year student at UBC, majoring in Biology and minoring in Speech Sciences. She aspires to pursue further studies in the Speech-Language Pathology Master’s Program. With over two years of training as a behaviour interventionist and an 8-month co-op program as a Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant at a nursing home, Allyssa has experience working with people of various ages and communication requirements. Always seen with a positive attitude and a huge smile on her face, she is passionately committed to assisting people with diverse abilities in realizing their utmost potential.

 In her free time, she loves to weightlift, do pilates, play golf, edit photos and videos, and play with her cat, Cheddar!